Chelation Therapy.

Chelation therapy is a treatment that uses special drug to remove these heavy metals out from your body. This drug will be given through intravenous, and it will stick to the toxin and remove it out via your urine.


Nowadays, pollution is one of the main problems that makes us get sick. We have exposed to unwanted heavy metals through various ways including pollution, processed foods, drinking water, exposure from workplace and so on.

Who is suitable for chelation?
– Healthy person who wants to rejuvenate the body // interest in antiaging
– Patients who got chronic disease such as hypertension and diabetes
– In hypertension, chelation can reduce the stiffness of the blood vessel
– Patient who has higher risk of cardiovascular disease such as those who has high calcium scoring
– Workaholic person whose work is stressful
– Feel fatigue all time
– Person who is at risk of receiving heavy metal

The expected result
– Feeling refreshing
– Reduce the risk of having cardiovascular disease
– Decreased blood pressure
– Reduced inflammation level in the body. (Improved symptoms of skin rash, asthma and so on)
– Better memory and cognitive improvement

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