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LDM – MED is the latest innovation developed in Germany and certified by European standards, as well as the FDA, for its safety. It can control the depth of energy delivering to the treated area for precise effectiveness. It helps to brighten the face with radiating skin, reduce wrinkles, and tighten the skin. It also treats acne and other skin diseases.

Who is facial treatment suitable for?

  • People with wrinkled and saggy skin problems
  • People with wrinkles on their faces
  • People with acne problems
  • People with dull facial skin
  • People with accumulated fats in the body
  • People with cellulite and stretch mark problems
  • People with various skin diseases
  • Before–after laser treatment
  • Prepare skin before injecting cell rejuvenation

Benefits of Facial Treatments

  • See different results
  • No pain during treatment
  • Able to do as often as needed without any side effects
  • Able to combine with other treatments
  • Worthwhile treatment only once, but with results for both facial skin condition and skin treatment


Procedure of Facial Treatment

  • Clean the face
  • Apply gel on treated area to bring ultrasound waves into problem skin.
  • Select desired treatment mode to suit the face for treatment
  • Massage problem area for 20–30 minutes
  • Wipe gel and clean the face
  • Apply sunscreen and makeup as usual
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