Growth Factor Injections

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Cell Rejuvenation

Facial stem cell injection has become more widely accepted and used in the field of dermatology and beauty. This is because stem cells are the utilization of cells to repair cells, therefore it helps to repair the deterioration of the body. Our body normally produces new stem cells for reparation within the body however, the repair may not be complete. By aging, the body produces new cells, while there is a decrease in the number and quantity of stem cells and collagens. Excess pigments are removed more slowly, the skin becomes thin and sensitive, leading to wrinkles, deep lines, freckles, and dark spots. These are signs that skin has gone into deterioration. Thus, an increasing number of new high-quality and efficient stem cells (live stem cells) can help stimulate cells to repair themselves rapidly. It is like baby skin cells that help clearing the skin to look younger, reduce wrinkles and dullness.

Benefits of Cell Rejuvenation

  • Reduce wrinkles and heal wounds. Make skin look radiant and look younger.
  • Repair and restore damaged skin, such as repairing skin cells
  • Strengthen skin’s dermis
  • Increase fibroblast cells, which are involved in the production of the skin’s collagens and elastin
  • Stimulate antioxidant activities
  • Stimulate growth factors and cytokines which help promote collagen production
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