Adipose Saving Program

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Adipose Tissue Saving Program
The process of storing mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) with their own fats. Therefore, it is an important source of stem cells that replace various cells.In the body that has deteriorated or expired, such as replacing bone cells, muscle cells Helps to repair and rejuvenate cells allowing that organ to function normally It also reduces inflammation in all systems of the body. Restoring the vascular system to exchange oxygen and nutrients at the cellular level. For this reason, it allows the removal of excess fat from the body without the damage of cells and the integrity of the fat. Therefore, it is very valuable by experienced medical team. and expertise in liposuction including modern technology in liposuction that causes less injuries, small incisions, smooth skin, a lot of fat, as well as the highest safety standard operating room resulting in fat that is in perfect condition and structure contains all the components of the cell As a result, when extracted as stem cells, a large number of mesenchymal stem cells will be obtained as needed.

Fat Stem Cell Storage Plan
Doing storage only once Can add unlimited number of cells And stored at -196 degrees, cell quality is guaranteed at 30 years, but the storage plan is up to 60 years.

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