Auto Immune Diseases treatment

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Hypersensitivity or autoimmune disease is a disorder of the body’s immune system attacking or destroying the normal tissues of the body Normally, the immune system will work to destroy and attack various pathogens. and foreign bodies within the body In this disorder, the body’s immune system Inability to distinguish between normal tissue and antigens, as a result, the body reacts and begins to destroy normal tissue. The cause of the disease is not known for sure.

Autoimmune diseases can affect one or more types of organs or tissues, most often with.

– Blood vessels, connective tissue, endocrine glands or pancreas, joints, muscles (muscles), red blood cells (Red blood cells) and skin (Skin)

Stem cell and hypersensitivity immune disease Due to the properties of stem cells, it is responsible for continuously reducing inflammation in various organs in the body. due to imbalance of the immune system calm the symptoms of various diseases no spread of disease reduce the amount of immunosuppressive drugs

Treatment guidelines

– Blood Test Pre/Post


-Stem cell Therapy

-Follow up and Blood Test

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