Highly Activated NK Cell Therapy

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Using proliferation culture technology in the laboratory

This method can isolate NK Cells and culture them in the laboratory to increase the cells both in numbers and performance. This should take about 2 weeks. When cells are ready, they are put into the body. Thus, it is very safe due to the utilization of one’s own cells which can be replicated until a satisfactory level of NK Cells.

NK Therapy is a process of separating NK cells from normal blood cells. A 50 cc of blood is collected per 1 time (or 1 time of transplant) for a standard laboratory culture process. The time used for cell culturing is between 14–21 days. NK Cells are then most effective for transplantation in patients. The duration of transplant is 1hour and it is required to observe for symptoms approximately 30 minutes after transplantation. After the transplant, patients return home to rest. For more efficiency of immune system functions, it is suggested to check for viruses and abnormal cells in the body at all times. Therefore, NK Therapy can also treat cancer patients, such as pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer, to strengthen patients’ immunity which is destroyed by chemical drugs or radiation, causing weakness of the immune system. It is also like a soldier to detect abnormal cells and destroy them without any other complications. In the meantime, NK Therapy is suitable for patients who have recovered from cancer and to prevent cancer recurrence.

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