What’s NK Cell

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The immune system acts like a strong army to protect our body from invasion of various pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses. There are various sizes of germs. For instance, small pathogens such as viruses do not need much immunity to overcome them, whereas malignancy caused by an enlargement of body malfunctions requires a great number of strong immunity to defeat it. Thus, the quantity and quality of a healthy immune system is necessary for an attack against infections, cancer, and other diseases, leading to a rapid recovery and strength of our body.

NK Cell or Natural Killer Cell is a type of white blood cells in the blood system which the body uses to fight against the entry of viruses and eliminate cancerous or mutated cells. Although mutated cells can be found to occur in the body all the time, but the reason we do not have cancer is because of our good white blood cell system that helps to get rid of cancer cells, inhibiting them from causing us a cancer.

However, reduced functioning of immune system, including white blood cells, can result in an increasing number of mutated cells. The cells clump together and multiply into granules until they eventually turn into cancerous lumps.

There is only 1% of NK Cell in white blood cells. NK cells have a distinctive function in our body. It is the only cell without antigen-antibody reactions. NK cells also possess an ability to differentiate, target and destroy cancer cells, pathogens, and various types of viruses with high efficiency.

The NK Immunity Test does not tell the performance of all immunity. This is because our body’s system also has other important types of white blood cells, such as T Lymphocytes, which work by producing antibodies to kill germs and cancer cells. A study in Japan compared 103 normal people with a decreased NK cell function. One group was treated with NK Cell Therapy and the other group was not treated. After 5 years, 14% of the untreated group developed cancer, while only 2% of the NK Cell treated group had cancer. Thus, NK Cells maintain their protective properties of cancer up to 7 times or up to 700% prevention.

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