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Normally, there are approximately 2,000 – 5,000 million NK Cells in the human body. NK Cells are like an army to protect and fight against mutated cells within 24 hours. The human body has more than 5,000 mutated cells a day. Thus, our body is constantly at risk of cancer. Some people may have a large number of NK Cells; however, it does not mean that their immunity is always good. The key point lies in the ability to detect those mutated cells with full efficiency. In order to assess how well our body fights against dangerous mutated cells, an innovation is introduced to measure the function of NK Cells. The NK Immunity Test can be performed every day without having to refrain from drinking water or NPO. Only a small amount of blood (1 cc) is needed to detect the level of NK Activity with mutated cells. The function of NK Cells can indicate how well our body can defend itself. After receiving the results, a team of physicians will assess the risk of developing diseases caused by cancer and viruses. If our NK Cell activity level is high, it determines the strength of our immune system. The NK Immunity Test helps our body to always be ready to deal with different types of diseases.

Who should get the NK Immunity Test?

 Those who:

  • Have a family history or relatives with cancer
  • Have frequent infections, which indicate an impaired immune system
  • Have cancer, both treated and undergoing treatment
  • Have chronic diseases such as liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, fatty disease, etc.
  • Have chronic hepatitis virus infection
  • Have inadequate rest, not healthy, busy lifestyle, drink alcohol, and smoke
  • Have genetic disorders and NK Cells less than 250
  • Have chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Have been exposed to hormones or pollution from the environment for a long time
  • Are healthy but wish to monitor immune function (innate and not specific)

Analysis of NK Immunity Test Results

It is an analysis of quantity or ability of NK Cells to know if there is a risk of cancer or decide whether we are strong enough to receive radiation therapy. People with NK cell deficiency or low NK cell count are at a very high risk of developing cancer. This is because NK cells are the first line to detect and kill cancer cells before multiplication and they eventually get out of control.

At level below normal (100–250), the functioning of low NK Cells includes:

  • Cancer patients or people whose family members have a history of cancer
  • Inappropriate lifestyle, such as excessive smoking, sleep deprivation or insufficient rest (less than 7 hours per day), high stress, overweight
  • People with malnutrition, such as insufficient intake of certain foods, including fruits and vegetables, protein from beans
  • Those receiving certain drugs, such as immunosuppressants, chemotherapy drugs
  • Postoperative patients
  • Patients with certain diseases, such as Perforin deficiency, NEMO mutation
  • Postpartum mothers of 1–2 months

At normal level (250–500), it indicates that the efficiency of cells involved in immune system is normal.

At higher level, it is normal (>500) and cells associated with immune system are very good and healthy.

The rate of morbidity caused by viruses is found with low severity or may not be asymptomatic. This is because NK Cells can quickly detect viruses or abnormal cells and they are eliminated before a serious cellular infection occurs.

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