Matsuyama Test

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Masuyama Test is a testing technique invented by Professor Masuyama from Japan. To know what kind of immunity is called good immunity. and which one is not good with indicators and can refer to the likelihood of cancer

Professor Masuyama is a person who studies immunotherapy using NK cells or killer cells.

Indicators of immunity are listed for 6 types and if all are in good condition. It is confirmed that the immunity is in good condition. And that means effective in preventing infection. Ready to fight cancer cells including the case Doctors treat cancer patients by stimulating all aspects of the patient’s immunity to be better. And want to measure the results of treatment, the Masuyama Test will let you know.

The 6 indicators of Masuyama Test’s immunity are:

  1. NK Cell
  2. NK Vue:The chemical NK is produced when white blood cells react.
  3. Number of NKG2D+ Cells: The number of cells with NKG2D, if any cell has more NKG2D, indicates granule efficiency.

White blood in the eradication, removes infected cells or removes cancer cells.

4.Neutrophil/Lymphocyte Ratio: The ratio of Neutrophil and Lymphocyte indicates the

The ability of immunity in the prognosis of antibodies to cancer because of Neutrophil and Lymphocyte.

Low indicates poor immunity.

5.Number of Lymphocytes: a measure of the amount of Lymphocytes because if the Lymphocytes are low

Specific resistance to fighting cancer cells is also low.

6.CD4/CD8 Ratio: Looking at CD4 and CD8 white blood cells that help fight cancer cells. If the test result is low

equal to the physical condition of being unhealthy Their ability to stimulate the growth of other white blood cells was low as well.

All 6 Masuyama Tests were quantitative and qualitative measurements in parallel. This can be done with a blood test. and know the results within 1-2 weeks without limitation on inspection Therefore, it can be checked for everyone. If normal people check and the result is low. That means you get sick easily. But if your immune system is at the same time as abnormal cell division, then your immune system isn’t strong enough to fight cancer cells. be the first cell but vice versa If we have a strong immune system and no matter when the first abnormal cell occurs Our immunity is able to eliminate those abnormal cells before cancer cells. Therefore, if we take care of our immune system to be strong The likelihood of cancer risk is also less.

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