Achilles Tendinitis

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Achilles Tendinitis

Inflammation of the Achilles tendon, which connects the calf muscle to the heel bone, is caused by repetitive use from exercising or excessive walking leading to repetitive strain on the tendon or the area where the ligaments behind the heels are attached that is beyond the limit of the Achilles tendon, resulting in inflammation and swelling.

Risk factors of the disease

  • Excessive jogging or brisk walking in daily work.
  • Insufficient stretching (warm up and down).
  • Playing sports that require a sudden stop (jump stop) or a quick change of direction.
  • Repeated jumping from a height.
  • Walking in high heels for a long time or wearing worn-out shoes with worn-out soles.
  • Age and heavy use, leading to deterioration on the tendons.
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