Low Back Pain

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Low back pain

Low back pain is characterized by stiffness in the back muscles or stiffness in the position from the rib cage to the lower part of the buttocks. In some cases, symptoms are accompanied by pain that radiates down the leg. The main problem of low back pain is the feeling of pain and the inability to lead a normal life.

Characteristics of back pain

  • The pain will increase when bending or lifting heavy objects.
  • The pain is exacerbated by standing, walking, or sitting for long periods.
  • The pain occurs periodically.
  • Back pain may radiate to the hips, buttocks or the back of the femur, but will not radiate below the knee level.
  • Back pain may be accompanied by other symptoms such as pain that radiates below the knee level to the heel, and may cause numbness in the toes.



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