Chronic pain in the neck

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Shock wave therapy (SWT)

Shockwave therapy is an important solution and the original effective treatment of chronic inflammation, especially bruises. There have been many supporting research works for more than ten years. The machine sends shock waves into pain areas to regenerate the injury. Then, muscles and ligaments in that area will have tissue repaired. It reduces pain by reducing the number of neurotransmitters that transmit pain signals and stimulating the release of pain relievers in the body. Therefore, results can be observed immediately after treatment in patients with mild symptoms or just starting to have symptoms.

Leave a time interval of about 1–2 weeks for the body to repair chronic inflammation that is naturally present. The total number of treatment sessions should be 2–5 times, depending on severity of symptoms.

Diseases with effective treatment

They are disease groups of muscles, ligaments, and joints with chronic inflammation, including:
1. Chronic plantar pain (Brush) / Achilles tendon pain
2. Tennis / Golfer’s Elbow
3. Chronic shoulder pain, wrist pain, palmar fascia
4. Knee pain/sport injuries
5. Chronic pain in the neck, shoulder, back muscles
6. Office Syndrome

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